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Winn Slavin Fine Art

Winn Slavin Fine Art is a premier provider of fine art painting, sculpture, and glass art with an emphasis on integrity, service, and innovation. We offer a beautiful collection of Blue Chip museum art created by some of the world’s top contemporary artists such as Sir Daniel Winn, Ira Reines, Michel Desroches, Boban, and Igor Zaytsev. We are proud to bring the fine art experience into your life.

Extremely high quality, attention to detail and the "lived-in" look have become the distinctive features of Winn Slavin Fine Art. With the ambition of bringing the italian “hand-made tradition” to the world, the brand perfectly merges artisanal craftsmanship and Made in Italy manufacturing, creating outfits for every day that combine Italian wearability with a urban vintage flavor.


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